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Counseling Ministry

Why Biblical Counseling?

Hi, I’m Pastor Andy, the counseling pastor at Living Waters and I’m glad you’ve visited our counseling page!  We understand that life is full of challenges and many are in need of guidance and instruction for life. The struggles of life are real and now is the time when you need someone to come along side you, walk with you and encourage you from the Bible. At Living Waters Fellowship we see the Word of God as essential in evangelizing the lost and in discipling believers whose lives are are full of trouble and difficulties ( Col. 3:16).

Living Waters Fellowship strives to provide excellent Biblical Counseling to anyone free of charge and help those in need; however, out of respect for our staff we require a $25 deposit for non-members which is forfeited for last minute cancellations. If a counselee leaves counseling or graduates from counseling without a cancellation the deposit is returned.

What Next

 The counseling forms made available on this site are instrumental in helping us understand more about you and your situation. We ask that you fill these forms out in their entirety and submit them. IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING FORMS COMPLETED, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COUNSEL YOU. Once this information has been received someone from Living Waters Fellowship will contact you to arrange a date and time for counseling.

Personal History Data Sheet

What Brings You to Counseling?


2017 ACBC Regional Biblical Counseling ( Saylorville Church Des Moines, Ia.)
The ACBC Regional Biblical Counseling/Discipleship Conference is coming back to Des Moines for a second year. In addition to Track 1, ACBC is offering an Advanced Theology Track as well.  The classes for both tracks will take place on three separate weekends (Friday evening and all day Saturday) for three consecutive months in 2017. The dates of the conference are: March 10-11, April 21-22 and May 12-13. Those who attend this conference will receive 30 plus hours of training from 7 different speakers.

What is Biblical Counseling?
Biblical Counseling is discipleship.It is the personal ministry of the word through conversation. Every Christian is called to speak the truth in love to his neighbor and help them grow in grace. Believers should desire to apply the Bible to every area of life. The goal of Biblical Counseling is to present everyone mature in Christ by teaching with all wisdom. It’s been said that everyone is a counselor. This training is designed to help those who know and love Christ effectively navigate through His Word become truly godly counselors. For more information about counseling follow this video link…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2655LiN7kI

Advanced Track

The Advanced Track will equip counselors to better understand how theology relates to counseling. Because we agree with Jesus about this reality, ACBC has devoted an entire track of counseling training to the kind of robust theology that is the basis of the Christian faith and the Christian life. For more information about the Advanced Theology Track follow this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxLn3o2xIfc.

What to Expect

CDTs (Counseling Discipleship Training) are designed to help equip disciples of Jesus to grow in their faith and help others do the same. This conference will cover a wide range of issues dealing with various problems in the Christian life. Whether you are a pastor, counselor or church member, this conference is for you. You can sign up directly by going directly to ACBC website:https://biblicalcounseling.com/des-moines-training-2/


Pastoral Sign Off Letter

Counseling Consent Form for Minors and Legal Guardians

Counseling Consent Form