Spreading A Passion For God in Des Moines, IA



H2O kids exists to plant the seeds of God’s Word deep within the hearts of our children at Living Waters.  Currently, we have our children’s ministries split into three sections on a Sunday morning:

Nursery (0-24 months)  

Raindrops (2 years old)

Puddles (3 & 4 years old)

Waves (5 years old – 2nd Grade)

Dive! (3rd Grade – 5th Grade)

Whether it’s our Nursery, Raindrops, Puddles, Waves, or DIVE!, each Sunday we attempt to teach our children to learn the awesome truths of the Bible and Jesus in particular. Each lesson is not boring or stagnant, but is intentionally exciting and engaging for the children and for the adults!

If you have any questions regarding H20 kids, please contact us at: jon@livingwatersfellowship.org