Spreading A Passion For God in Des Moines, IA

Small Groups

Small Groups are the life-blood of Living Waters!  Especially as a church that does not have a church building, we try to consistently say:

“We are not a church that HAS small groups, we are a church OF small groups”

Each week groups of 8-16 adults meet in homes to study the Word and engage in authentic community and accoutability. Small Groups are where the “rubber meets the road” in your Christian walk and where you can grow very intentionally on a personal level.  We currently operate on a 12 week trimester schedule with December, April and August designated as months we take off to re-energize and spend time with our families.
Our Schedule each year looks like this:
January-March — Regular Groups
April — Groups OFF!
May-July — Regular Groups
August — Groups OFF!
September-November — Regular Groups
December — Groups OFF!

If you have any questions about how to best plug into a small group, please contact us using the contact information provided below:

Phone: 515-710-9700

E-Mail: josh@livingwatersfellowship.org